The energy of our body, mind and soul are deeply connected. It is the essence of who we are as spiritual beings living a human existence. Our self is the sum of all those parts. If we feel out of balance, either our physical body, our mind or our soul (our spirit or soul body) is depleted. The mind, body and soul need to be in harmony with each other in order for us to function effectively.

Spiritual and psychic life coaches will give you the inspiration, motivation and guidance needed to move forward with your life. Sarah and Sophia will help you develop a new awareness about yourself, allowing you to see the steps you need to take to give you the life you want and always dreamed of. We will uncover why you may feel “stuck in a rut” and motivate you to look at yourself ,and your life, from a different perspective.

Is part of your life out of balance? Do you feel like you have lost part of yourself? Are you tired of running around in circles with nothing changing?

They are able to see deep within your psyche to allow you to see the events that are keeping you stuck in a rut, disempowered and allowing you to be “victim” of your experiences. Sarah and Sophia can see well past the surface of any circumstance to quickly identify the obstacles, challenges, and baggage from your past that is holding you back. These must be released so you can be free to move forward with the next phase of your life. Our psychic life coaches will give you real solutions to your problems helping you gain the results you desire.

It is time to fix what is broken, and our psychic life coaches can help you do just that. Whether it be relationships, family matters, finances or your career, we will guide you to the right path to change your life for the better. Choosing the right career is a big decision but so is knowing where to apply for a job, knowing when to pursue a new job with a new company or starting a new business.

We form many relationship in our lives ~ specifically in regard to love, family, finances and career. From the moment we take that first breath, through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, we form and create the relationships that will form the experiences of our lifetimes. If we treat our relationships like the plants and flowers that grow in a garden, what are the necessary steps we would take to ensure they grow strong, vibrant and healthy?

Most people seek psychic readings, coaching and counseling because they have questions concerning love and romantic relationships. A psychic reading can provide clarity and insight into love and relationship issues that have you feeling lost, confused or even abandoned. Where love and romance are concerned, it is essential that you tend your “garden” with precision to ensure it grows into the relationship you desire. Our advisors will dig down deep into the root of your relationship, answering questions and addressing concerns to help identify the things hindering growth in your love life. During your psychic reading you may ask questions such as:

  • What are the key issues that are holding my relationship stagnant?
  • Is it possible this relationship will move forward to commitment…and what steps can I take to ensure it?
  • Is this relationship worth saving?   Is it time to let go?
  • Will my Ex be returning or is it time to move on?


For relationships to grow they also need nurturing. They need water, fertilizer, air and the Sun. Our psychic advisors will dig deep into the root of your relationship to help you see key areas that require focus to ensure optimal growth. During your psychic reading, your advisor will be able to tell you what steps you can take to make the relationship blossom. Our psychics are aware that everyone and every relationship is different. Just as a gardener knows that different plants require different types of care our psychics will be able to pinpoint the unique course of action needed to ensure your relationship blooms into the one that meets the desires of your heart.   Our advisors will outline key steps you can take to encourage your relationship to deepen. As the roots become more solid and firmly grounded on a strong foundation, you will see your relationship move to the next level. Some typical questions asked are:

  • I want my love interest to commit, what steps can I take to get them there?
  • How can I get my love interest to open up emotionally?
  • How can I make sure s/he will not cheat on me?
  • How can I get them to communicate more frequently?

If is not our intent to provide fantasy, fiction or fairy tales as these elements don’t fit with our psychic reading or intuitive counseling style. Our mission is to cultivate healthy flowers and plants. It is our highest goal to ensure that you, as well as your relationships, are healthy, vibrant and thriving.

To have and keep a strong love relationship you must also have a good relationship with yourself. While tending to your relationship, it is also essential that you nurture and nourish yourself. When you are healthy, strong and secure in who you are you project self-confidence and personal power. We you have a positive self image you project it onto those you love as well as those you come into contact with. There are times, however, when you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship that robs you of your personal power and confidence. You end up feeling rejected, lonely, isolated and disempowered. You have given the essence of who you are to the other person who has taken your personal power away by their poor behavior. Their actions ~ not calling, ignoring you, emotional abuse and blackmail, lying and cheating ~ are the very things that rob you of your light…without light.. there is no bloom and you will not grow. You lose your power and wither away.

It is our intent to make sure this does not happen. A spiritual or psychic life coaching session with Sarah or Sophia will make your roots strong and vibrant. We will help you reclaim your power and stay on the right path to make sure you stay strong.